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MCU for RX

MCU for RX
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                1.1.     General Description

XG915 is a high-efficiency, Qi-compliant wireless power receiver targeted for applications up to 15W. Using magnetic inductive charging technology, the receiver converts an AC power signal from a resonant tank to a programmable regulated 5V, 7V, 9V or 12V DC output voltage. The integrated, low RDSON synchronous rectifier and ultra-low dropout linear (LDO) regulator offer high efficiency, making the product ideally suited for battery-operated applications.  XG915 is available in a 52-WLCSP package, and it rated for a 0 to 85°C ambient operating temperature range.


                1.2.     Typical Applications

n Mobile phones

n Tablets

n Accessories


                1.3.     Features

n WPC compliant

-   Single-chip wireless power receiver up to 15W application

-   WPC-1.2.3 compliant

n Synchronous Rectifier

-   96% Efficiency for Fully Synchronous Rectifier

-   97% Efficient for Post Regulator

-   84% System Efficient at 15W with XG905

-   Integrated Synchronous Full Bridge Rectifier Circuit

-   Output Voltage

u   LDO Mode

Ø   Configurable VOUT Level: 5V, 9V, 12V

Ø   VOUT follow up with VRECT

-   Maximum output current : 1.67A (OCL = 2A)

n System Protection

-   VRECT Over Voltage Protection (Detect)

u   Configurable detected level : 15,17,19,21v (default value: 21V)

-   Over Current Limit

u   Configurable 0.5A, 1A , 1.5A, 2A

-   Over Temperature Protection  

u   140˚C, thermal shutdown

n FSK De-modulator 

-   AC1 FSK de-modulated 

n CPU Subsystem 

-   CPU Core

u   ARM® Cortex®-M0 32-bit CPU (48MHz max)

n Memory

-   2K Bytes System RAM

-   Up to 16K Bytes One Time Programmable Memory

n Clock Management

-   Internal oscillator: 48MHz±1.5% @ 3V~5.5V with -40°C to 85°C

n Power Management

-   Power off when External EN pin goes high.

u   Regulator 5v switch to low current mode

u   Regulator 1.8v shut down

n Analog peripherals

-   10Bit A/D Converters with 107 KSPS and 12 analog inputs 

u   Reference voltage as 2.1v

u   User-programmable foreign-object detection (FOD)

u   Dedicated remote temperature sensing

-   Regulator 5V 

-   Regulator 1.8V

n I/O Ports

-   External enable active low, input pin.

-   Interrupt pin (INT), open drain pin.

-   INT output open drain when External EN pin = 1, OCL/OVP/OTP occurs.

-   Max 5 multifunction bi-directional I/Os

n Communication peripherals

-   Built-in I2C 

n Debug System

-   ARM serial wire debug (SWD) 

n Operation Temperature

-   -40°C to 85°C 

n Reliability

-   HBM 2KV

-   MM 200V

-   CDM 500V

n Package 

-   WLCSP 2.64X3.94-52B

-   QFN 5x5-40






                1.4.     Pin Assignments

WLCSP package pinout





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